Barnhem - A Home for Children in Need

Barnhem is the Swedish word for “home for children”.

The home for children in need was founded as a result of the December 26, 2004 tsunami that hit, amongst other places, Thailand. Barnhem opened in February 2005 and initially focused on helping tsunami victims. All of those have been able to move out and today Barnhem is not disaster victim oriented – many people in Thailand were already poor and exposed before the flood waves.

Today Barnhem houses children for many different reasons. Many have lost one or both, of their parents; others are here because they lack a family member or relative to care for them – or their relatives lack the strength to do so.

Some children live at Barnhem together with their single mom or their maternal/paternal grandmother.

We want to be a family and a home for the children. We are not a permanent solution but, during the time they live with us, we will work to find the best individual solution for each child to help them get a better future.

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