Barnhem Thai-Swedish Foundation
45/12 Moo 5, Muang Mai
Thalang, Phuket 83110

Tel: +66(0)878933692



You are more than welcome to visit us here at Barnhem Thai-Swedish Foundation.

This will give you the opportunity to meet our lovely children and to see how the donations are used.

We would like to point out that each and everyone visiting must respect that this is the children’s home. All visits are on their terms. Therefore you must behave in the same way that you yourself would expect from strangers visiting your home.

Some rules:

  • Contact us at before coming here so that we can set a date/time for your visit that suits both parties.
  • Dress respectfully. Bikinis, swimming trunks, sarongs and such are great at the beach but not when visiting someone-else’s home.
  • Preferably wear longer shorts, dresses or skirts. Don’t wear sleeve-less shirts.
  • Do bring your camera! Most of the children don’t mind having their picture taken but ask before anyways. Don’t ask the children to gather for group pictures or such. You can not take pictures of individual children.
  • Do not give anything – toys, clothes, food or candy – directly to the children. We are promoting sound relations between the visitors and the children. It is important the children don’t lose their self-esteem by receiving gifts for simply living here. The children genuinely like visits and we do not want that changed to children expecting to get things from visitors – at the expense of their pride.
  • The children already know that things donated will be distributed when needed and in an orderly fashion.
  • If you wish to see the children’s rooms you will have to ask the volunteers to ask the children. If the children won’t let you, accept the fact it is their room.
  • Smoking on the premises is forbidden.

Barnhem Thai-Swedish Foundation is located in the northeast part of Phuket, 5 kilometres east of the airport, in a village called Muang Mai.


If you are coming from southern Phuket you will take the main road (402) all the way up to the three-way airport intersection. Make a U-turn and go back 600 metres and make a left turn at the 7-Eleven. Continue another 400 metres and make a right turn – you will have seen the Barnhem Thai-Swedish Foundation sign by now. Now it is only 100 metres left until you’re at the gate – welcome!