We believe in disclosing our financial information to all that may wish to see it.

At the bottom of this page are links to details financial reports and below are some facts that will make interpreting the financial reports easier.

To this day, 21/3-2016, we have had a total of 141 persons staying with us – 118 children and 30 adult relatives). Today 29 persons are staying with us –
27 children and 2 relatives. We are also helping one child and the family staying outside Barnhem.

During the period March 2005 (when Barnhem opened though we still were constructing) until October 2006 we had a total of 77 persons – 52 children and 25 relatives – staying with us.

– 26 of these persons – 15 children and 11 relatives were tsunami related and could move out during the year 2005.

– 51 of these persons – 37 children and 14 relatives – were staying with us due to other problems such as; loss of mother or father, poverty, neglect, illness and so on. 15 of these children and 5 relatives could move out during the year 2006.

* In October 2006 31 persons moved in – 27 children and 4 relatives.

* In 2007 2 children moved in and 3 children and 4 relatives could move out.

* In 2008 1 child moved in and 5 children and 1 relative could move out.

* In 2009 7 children and 1 relative moved in and a baby boy was born at Barnhem. 15 children and 3 relatives could move out.

* In 2010 1 child moved in and 16 children and 4 relatives could move out.

* In 2011 10 children moved in and 6 children could move out.

* In 2012 3 children moved in and 2 children could move out.

* In 2005 most of the funds were used for the construction.

* In 2005 and also a large part of 2006 we had many children staying with us together with relatives – thus we did not need many employees. That changed in October 2006 so now we have more children staying with us without relatives and therefore we have employed more staff.