Meet The Team

Yaninee Saisrikoson - Wow

Yaninee Saisrikoson – Wow

Wow has been in charge of the running of the children’s home together with Susanne and Han since 2006. It cannot be put into words just how important she is for the home and for the children. First and foremost she is a mother for the children, but on top of that she manages all contacts with the authorities, schools, relatives and the children who have left the home. Together with Sussi she also manages the daily finances and thus ensures that we use donations in a responsible manner. Wow has a big heart and she shares it with all of the children. She puts the children first in everything she does.

Sompan Khamkam - Pann

Sompan Khamkam – Pann

Pann has been the home’s driver since 2006. In addition to driving the children around he also acts as a dad to them, which is very important because many of the children at the home have never met their own fathers. And if there is a problem about a leaky pipe or if the grass needs cutting then Pann is the man to turn to.

Mettra Panitchapan - Miaoo

Mettra Panitchapan – Miaoo

Miaoo has been providing wonderful food for the children since 2005. She has responsibility for purchasing the food and then cooking it. She is also a very important figure at the home telling the children about right and wrong and making sure that there is plenty of fun and games. And Miaoo is also the one who bakes the fantastic birthdays cakes for the children, and then sings loudest and jolliest of everyone!

Taweeporn Chedsuk - Porn

Taweeporn Chedsuk – Porn

Porn has worked for us since 2009. Initially she came looking for help for her own family when little Bat was still in her tummy. We were very lucky, because just then we were looking for some help in the kitchen and Miaoo decided that Porn was exactly the person she wanted, and we soon understood why. These two ladies form the dream team in the kitchen and everyone is a winner when they start cooking. On top of being a great cook, Porn is also someone who many of the new children, specially the girls, go to for a bit extra care and attention.

Siriyakorn Kakthai - Khruu Jam

Siriyakorn Kakthai – Khruu Jam

Khru (teacher in Thai) Jam has worked with us since 2011 and is the only teacher at the home. During the day she works at Wat Muang Mai school but she is an employee of the children’s home and we pay her salary. After school she comes home with the children. She helps them with their homework and if someone needs a little extra tuition, Khru Jam will give it. She is important in so many ways, partly for being the person she is, and the children love and respect her. She lets us know how each child performs at school, if they make friends, if they are naughty, and everything else that it is easy for a parent to miss. She gives so much support to the children, and so much of her time. Sometimes when the school is closed our children get extra tuition and after a long holiday they can get warmed up for school with some extra homework.

Thanawut Pinkheaw - Eak

Thanawut Pinkheaw – Eak

Eak has worked with us since 2007. He is employed as one of three counsellors and acts as an extra dad for the children. In addition to helping them with homework, treating cuts and bruises, Eak makes sure that the children tidy their rooms, gives them praise when they perform well, tells them off when they are naughty and plays with them in their games. He also is a big support for our volunteers – and not because he has to as part of his job, but because he likes to do it.


Sunantha Thongcheed – Kate

Kate started working as a counsellor with us in 2018.
Kate has a very calm and pleasant personality and have a calming effect on our children. She acts as one of the children’s extra mothers who help the children with their homework, making sure that they clean their rooms, helping the younger ones to prepare for school, encouraging them when they are doing something good and helping them to distinguish between right and wrong. She comforts them when they are sad and takes care of them when they are ill.


Witchuda Puangmala – Kook

Kook started working as a counsellor with us in 2018 when her twin sister Kik had to stop to go home and help her mother in the family’s shop.
It turned out that Kook is very similar to her sister Kik both in appearance and manner.
Kook, like her sister, is a great combination between mother and big sister. A big sister, who cares for all her little siblings, helps them with homework, comforting them when they are sad, tending to their cuts and bruises, chatting with the little ones and listens to teenage problems.
A mother who gives them stability and warmth, teaches them to distinguish right from wrong, sheering them when they are doing good, correcting them when they behave bad and who are there for them all the time. We are extremely grateful that she chose to start working for us.


Arnat – Arnat

Arnat is a social worker and started working with us in 2018. He is our latest addition in helping the children on their way into adulthood. Arnat works a little differently than our other counsellors and focuses on the children who for the moment have the greatest need – new children, when a child goes through a slightly more tough phase in life, if they have difficulty focusing on school or if they have other problems that needs extra attention.

Sa Samuthaban - Ma

Sa Samuthaban – Ma

Maa came to us looking for help with her two grandchildren in 2005. Her grandchildren have since left the home but Maa remained. She is not an employee, but we want to tell you about her because she is a very important person in the children’s lives, and indeed the rest of us, because she is our Grandma. She gives the children and us some extra love, security and warmth that only a grandma can give. If the children feel a bit sad or weak they go to Grandma, if you need an extra hug you go to Grandma. She is normally the first adult new arrivals meet at the home, and she fills them with love and energy so that they can take their next step into life at the home.