Midsummer celebrations at Barnhem


It may seem a little strange to celebrate midsummer in a country where it is always summer, but we are a bit strange and adding another occasion to a party is always the right thing to do.

It became a little extra strange this year when we, that brought the midsummer celebrations to Barnhem – Sussi and Hans – actually forgot when midsummer are supposed to be celebrated and had booked a trip to Bangkok to greet Neng on Midsummer Day. It was Wow who reminded us and we decided to move our midsummer a week a head.
The fact that we did not get to Bangkok is another story.

So yesterday it was time for us to celebrate our midsummer.
As usual, we had the world’s finest midsummer pole that we danced and played games around.
Suddenly, Barnhem was filled with jumping little frogs and crows that could not drive, and the games ended with “The Last Couple Out” and “The Sleeping Bear”. The Sleeping bear has become everyone’s favorite especially if it is Hans who is the bear. After dancing and playing around the midsummer pole we were all tired and sweaty but happy.

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In most cases, dancing and playing around the midsummer pole are followed by other crazy games like jumping sack and other games, but it did not happen this year.
Our midsummer this year became considerably calmer but just as cozy. It simply became more focused on socializing and family, much thanks to the fact that our wonderful Bonut came and visited us with her two children, who all of course wanted to cuddle with.

IMG_3363  IMG_3365  IMG_3393  IMG_3411  IMG_3416  IMG_3446  IMG_3463  IMG_3413

The dinner started with celebrating the birthday of the children who had had their birthday since our last party and then there was a dividend to the children who worked well in school and who were best friends and best at helping out at Barnhem.
It was a pleasure to give “first prize” to our beloved Maew who has had a really hard time at school but who has worked really well and by far has been the best friend and best of the guys to help out at Barnhem.
The children’s applause when he received his prize could not be missed – they were with us and were proud of their great friend.
Among the girls, it was our amazing Team that stood out – both in terms of her improvement in school and how she helps out at Barnhem. And no – neither of the other children was surprised, but everyone reclined and praised their friend.

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The dinner was absolutely amazing, just like it’s always when Miaoo and Porn are setting up party meals so we ate a little too much everyone.

IMG_3488  IMG_3494  IMG_3495  IMG_3498

In other words, it became an amazing day and evening and a great way to wave off Owen as it was time for him to go home to Australia. Of course, it felt a bit sad to see him go away, but we know at the same time that he will come back to us as soon as he can – as he is an important part of our family nowadays.

Sussi and Hans