Monthly Donors Wanted


It’s been just over a month since we had our grand re-opening after a, to say the least, extremely needed total refurbishment of our home. And we cannot hide the fact that we really enjoy our new home.
Everything is so much better, which affects the lives of both the children and the staff.

Rooms are bright and spacious, which makes them easier and more fun to clean and it really shows in the children’s room.
We have a good laundry with amazing washers where it is possible to hang clothes to dry, which is evident throughout Barnhem, as we before had laundry hanging all over the place.
We have a proper commercial kitchens and Miaoo and Porn can now choose to cook indoors or outdoors. The dining room is large and bright with fans in the ceiling and the opportunity to wash our hands before eating and it is easier to help with the dishes now.
We have big beautiful green spaces with newly laid soft grass. And last but not least, our great new outdoor area where you can do sports no matter the weather and even when the darkness has fallen.
Yes, life is great and we are extremely grateful and happy.

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But amidst all this is a small concern has begun to grow in me – what if people who come to visit us just judge us by our buildings, and by  the look of them think that we have a good stable economy and probably do not need so much help, what if …
Think of all those who do not know that this was a single project outside Barnhem’s ordinary operation initiated by two kind gentlemen living in Phuket, and that money was collected solely in order to carry out this refurbishment. Money that is now used and in other terms did not exist before and do not exist after.

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We now have to continue the job to fill these newly refuribished rooms with happiness and quality of life, and for this we need money – specifically just over THB 400 000 / month.  Not so much money for 35 children to have a safe place to grow up in one might think. But far more money than we to raise for our children at present.
On average, we manage to raise in total about THB 245 000 / month in other words THB 155 000 to little…

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I am often asked about how best to help us and the honest answer is through continuous and monthly donations.
For example, THB 100 is enough money to give one of our children 4 dinners. THB 500 is enough money to give one of our children dinner for almost 3 weeks.
If we could get 1000 Monthly Donors who donate THB 500 / month, or if we could get 5000 Monthly Donors who donates THB 100 / month, this would cover Barnhem’s monthly expenses.
1000 Monthly Donors, it does not sound that much, not even 5000 Monthly Donors sound that much  – but how do we find you?
Today we only have 129 Monthly Donors who together contribute with THB 82 000  / month.

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So if you want to help us – become a Monthly Donor and  help us find new friends!

Warm and grateful regards,

Sussi and Hans