Neng and Non - two very important young men for all of us at Barnhem Muang Mai


I want to give a little extra attention to these two amazing guys.
One on the way out of university and on the way into university.
I write that they are two very important young men for the simple reason that they are very important in so many ways.

Neng because he was our first child, who four years ago qualified for reading Multimedia Technology and Animation at Mae Fah Luang University in Chiang Rai.
He did the job himself, studied hard and focused and it was none other than himself who wrote so well on the tests for the university that he was admitted. But he had not had anything for his hard work if it hadn’t been for his sponsors who chose to believe him  and pay for his education.
And now he has proved for them and for us that we were right believing in him. He has just passed his final exams and in January he travels to Sweden for four months to make his Diploma work on Phosworks in Uppsala.

Non, as he saw and understood what Neng did. He saw how hard Neng studied and how focused he was and he was willing to give as much. Perhaps he has studied even harder and even more focused than Neng for now he is the last year of high school and have highest grades in all subjects. He has also succeeded in maintaining his high grades despite  parallel studies to prepare for the application tests for both Medical studies and  studies in Architecture.
He has just learned that he has been accepted to Architecture, English program at King’s Monkut University of Technology in Thon Buri / Bangkok, one of Thailand’s most prestigious universities.
We already have sponsors who believe in him so much that they will sponsor half of his scholarship. We need to find sponsors for the rest of the scholarship, but I am convinced that we will manage to find them – simply because Non is worth believing in and so well deserve this opportunity.

In addition to their ability to focus and study hard, they are also two very nice, humble and considerate young men – real friends who help their siblings and their friends. And we believe that to be at least as important as having a reading head. The reading head has to sit on a warm big heart and it does it in these young men.

And why are they so important you might wonder.
Well because they are the best role models our young children can have.
They are living proof that it is possible to change your life and give yourself a better future – it’s hard work, but it is possible.
They are proof that if you have the energy and the will, and if you believe in yourself, others will believe in you and will be prepared to give you the chance.
They have also been showing our younger children, the importance of thinking and caring about others.
And last but not least, they have proven that you can trust our children and that our children will administer the trust they receive from the outside world.

We at Barnhem feel incredibly grateful to these young men – simply because they are who they are.

Thanks Neng and Non!