Midsummer celebrations at Barnhem

2nd July 2018

It may seem a little strange to celebrate midsummer in a country where it is always summer, but we are a bit strange and adding another occasion to a party is always the right thing to do. It became a little extra strange this year when we, that brought the midsummer celebrations to Barnhem -…

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A friend in need is a friend indeed.

13th May 2018

                       I do not hesitate to proudly brag about our children, as you already know. Now I'll do it again, simply because it feels important to share what we have experienced in recent weeks. I think I already have told you about one of our boys who has always had a hard time at school.…

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Neng's ceremonial graduation!

15th February 2018

We have just come home from Chiang Rai and Neng's ceremonial graduation from the university.We are so incredibly grateful and happy that we had the opportunity to celebrate this day together with him - to see our beloved Neng, to experience his joy, happiness and pride. A day none of us had experienced if it…

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The Happy world Tour made it!

23rd January 2018

  Saturday, November 25 they reached their goal - Barnhem - and we celebrated our heroes with a big welcoming party! The Happy World Tour made year 2017 an exciting year for all of us at Barnhem as we had the opportunity to follow them on their journey around the world which, among a lot…

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Same, same but different

12th December 2016

My time here as a volunteer is coming to a close I must admit with a heavy heart. For me it is actually the second time I have to part with the kids, the staff, Hans and Sussi, the dogs, and everything else that makes Barnhem to this amazing place that it is. I was…

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Neng and Non - two very important young men for all of us at Barnhem Muang Mai

2nd December 2016

I want to give a little extra attention to these two amazing guys. One on the way out of university and on the way into university. I write that they are two very important young men for the simple reason that they are very important in so many ways. Neng because he was our first…

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Thank you Phuket News for the great coverage!

28th November 2016

Thank you phuketnews.com! We are so grateful for this beautiful coverage from a fantastic day!   [embed]https://youtu.be/9soMAzPn-ik[/embed]

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Monthly Donors Wanted

4th November 2016

It's been just over a month since we had our grand re-opening after a, to say the least, extremely needed total refurbishment of our home. And we cannot hide the fact that we really enjoy our new home. Everything is so much better, which affects the lives of both the children and the staff. Rooms…

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Greetings from Päivi

24th October 2016

  Oh no, it is already four months?! Yes, that is the feeling today when I'm working my last hours here at Barnhem ... for now. I will be back and I hope it's soon because I will miss life here and, above all, those kids :) I came here in late June with a…

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October 1, time for the Grand Re-opening and to see off The Happy World Tour

4th October 2016

What a fantastic day October 1 was and what a fun and busy period we have had till the day with big D. There have been frantic preparations to get everything ready in time, combined with our everyday life functioning normally despite everything else. The main job is to get everything ready  has been on…

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