The Barnhem Refurbishment Project

A couple of years ago we got to know Barrie Buck when he was looking for a worthy cause for his company to help as part of their CSR. He came to visit us and he liked our “home”, our children and our way of doing things, but he also noted the poor condition of the buildings and grounds.

Barrie got in touch with his friend John Grendon and asked him to do a survey of our home and he confirmed that there were a large number of defects that needed to be dealt with and that a      complete renovation was urgently needed. At the same time an expansion allowing capacity for more children was desired by the Barnhem board. The renewed Barnhem facility was planned and drawn up by a local architect. The plan called for improvements of the use of the facility, improved infrastructure and improved safety.

These two wonderful gentlemen decided to actually do it, rebuild Barnhem, in order to do so they started the Barnhem Refurbishment Project. Their idea was to get various funds, companies and people involved to get the sponsorship’s and resources needed to fulfill their vision of giving our children a better and safer home.

Here we are! They made it!…And we got a sports center as a bonus!!

With kind help and funds from:

Alba Care Foundation

Paresa Resort Phuket

Happy Child Foundation

The Sam and Ruby Charity

Lars and Helena Tenerz

Odd Fellow

Tommy Gustafsson

Peter Wallenberg

Accor Hotels

Eka Soundz

Lert Construction & Design Co, Ltd

Twinpalms Phuket, Ms. Prasop Sattaman

Amata Associates, Khun Joe

The Siam Guardian Services

Tropical Landscaping International

Barnhem under construction

IMG_1582 IMG_1581 IMG_1579 IMG_1578 IMG_1577 IMG_1575IMG_1558 IMG_1540 IMG_1537 IMG_1533 IMG_0716  Jpeg Alba Care visiting 7:3-2016  Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg The old Boys building new roof 26:5-2016 The old Boybuilding starts 12:5-2016 Jpeg The new cantina 17:7-2016 The new buidling 13:6-2016  Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg inside the old boysarea 26:5-2016 Jpeg Bygget 12:5-2016 Jpeg Jpeg Jpeg

Barnhem before construction

IMG_0160 Barnhem before rebuilding 6 Barnhem before rebuilding 2014 Barnhem before rebuilding 2013 4 Barnhem before rebuilding 8 Barnhem before rebuilding 2013 5 Barnhem before rebuilding 2013 3 Barnhem before rebuidling 2013 2