Without our sponsors Barnhem would not exist. Therefore we are immensely grateful for their engagement and their spirit.

We have received massive financial support and gifts from many organizations, companies and individuals.

Our main sponsors are

  • Alba Care Foundation


Our Monthly donors

  • Fredrik Andersson and Sandra Ejdenwik
  • Yvonne Bäcker
  • Thomas Carlsson
  • John Combs and Grethe Winther
  • Owen Dixon
  • Sherri Drolet
  • Hans Forssell
  • Alice Friberg
  • Annie Friberg
  • Olivia Friberg
  • Ansel Hiitti
  • Tore Ingebrigtsen
  • Susanne Janson
  • Family Lindvall-Janshagen
  • Ulf Nihlmark
  • Göran Rönnberg
  • Grace Solomon
  • Family Sorige
  • Johan Stråhle
  • Sirilak Vongler
  • Maja Wahlgren
  • Kristin Westling


Friends of Barnhem

Sponsors for University Scholarships

1. Neng has finished his 4-years studies in Multimedia Technology and Animation at Mae Fah Luang University and found his dream-job at Spunky Digital in Bangkok thanks to Family Tenerz, Ablin Gustavsson, Anna Qvennerstedt, Claes Kjellström, Gustaf Sehlstedt, Hjalmar Delehag, Lina Elfstrand and Pia Leirup.
2. Non has started studying Architecture at King King Mongkut’s University in Bangkok thanks to Alba Care Foundation, Anna Qvennerstedt, Family Gjörling, Kevin Sisung and Jane Oxaleryd.